The Southeast  Comptroller's Association was established in 1982. The objective of the Association  is to promote goodwill among the dealerships and knowledge of the Toyota Accounting System among its members through networking and exchanging accounting techniques. Other objectives include:

  • Enhance potential Dealership profitability through ongoing professional education
  • Provide knowledge of the Toyota Accounting System by offering training sessions with the Business Management  team
  • Increase the standard of the Financial Management at the Dealership by encouraging controllers to have the flexibility to expand their responsibilities and be a more integral part of day to day dealership operations,
  • Discuss financial statement changes and update members
  • Establish relationships with other controllers to improve our networking capabilities

The Organization is a non-union, non-partisan and non-profit organization whose members have the sole right to govern and control all of its activities. The membership is limited to persons employed full time with a Toyota Dealership and is responsible to the dealer for the maintenance of the accounting records and preparation of the monthly financial statement.

Each member of the Association is required to pay dues of seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00) per calendar year to the Treasurer of the Association. The dues are payable by check to the Association. The cost of attending the annual seminar is much greater than the annual membership dues since  the dealer receives benefits of personnel training at the annual SET Comptroller's Conference..

There is an Annual Meeting of the Association members during the SET Comptrollers'  Conference. The purpose of the Annual Association meeting is to:

  • Discuss issues relevant  to dealership operations
  • Review and discuss any changes or additions to the Association by-laws including:

                                    Achieving the objectives, Article IV

                                    Measuring accomplishments for committees, Article VIII, Section 5

                                    Address any amendments

  • Elect Officers of the Association every two years

Since the inception of the Association, the Dealerships, JM Family Enterprises/Southeast Toyota, along with many other vendors, have recognized and generously supported our Association. We have the opportunity of attending excellent  training sessions that are very informative. We are provided recognition and entertainment in an atmosphere that has created enthusiasm among the members. 

With five southern states represented, we have available a vast amount of knowledge and experience with similar goals and objectives. Each member is encouraged to share their knowledge, ideas, suggestions and support to ensure that our Association will be the best in the Automotive Industry.